About Us

My name is Nicole Swaayze. I am the creator and founder of Amazingly Natural hair care. I created Amazingly Natural Hair Care in 2016, a little shortly after transitioning my hair to natural. For years I struggled to find products my hair like. Until one day I decided to use the two things I enjoy in life, my hair and science. Although I am not a scientist, I love combining, measuring and mixing ingredients together to create something new. I test all my products on different hair textures. To see what I can improve in before presenting it to my customers.

Most of our products are versatile meaning you can use it on your skin or certain products can be used in multiple ways . For example our conditioners can be used for Leave-in, co-wash, detangler, and a deep conditioner. Shampoo's can be used for body wash. Our hair oil and butters can be used as a skin moisturizer.

All natural/organic handmade. Made for you to manage your natural hair with easy. Our products are dedicated to bringing nourishment, moisture, invigorate growth, rejuvenating to the scalp and hair strands, overall a healthy head of hair. Our natural hair care brand is known to focus on using high quality and certified organic ingredients into each of its products.

I got into this business because I am dedicated to teaching people how to understand their natural curls, while producing some amazing natural healthy hair growing products.

Growing up, I was brainwashed to think my natural hair wasn't good hair. I used to throw a perm on my natural curls as soon as the new growth came. But now I wear my curls LOUD, AND PROUD!
Amazingly Natural Hair Care is here to change that narrative for you. One curly head at a time!



Amazingly Natural Owner holding her product              Amazingly Natural CEO, Owner

Nicole Swaayze CEO Amazingly Natural Hair Care

Owner, Photographer, Creator

She is caring, warm hearted, and love to see others prosper. She got into this business to educated black and brown people about their hair. She advocate for natural hair education. While producing some incredible hair growing products.