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Amazingly Natural Hair Care

Satin Pillowcase

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Color – Pink

The satin pillowcase is a secret weapon for nurturing and protecting natural hair while you sleep. This luxurious and smooth fabric creates a gentle surface that minimizes friction, reducing the risk of hair breakage and frizz commonly associated with traditional cotton pillowcases.

For those with natural hair, especially curls, coils, and kinks, the satin pillowcase is a game-changer. Its soft texture allows hair to glide smoothly across the surface, preventing tangling and knots that can occur during the night. This means waking up with more defined and manageable curls, preserving the shape and structure of your natural hairstyle.

Additionally, the satin pillowcase helps retain the hair's natural moisture. Unlike cotton pillowcases that absorb moisture from the hair, satin allows the hair's natural oils and products to stay in place, keeping your locks well-hydrated and nourished throughout the night.

Moreover, the smooth surface of the satin pillowcase reduces friction on the delicate cuticles of the hair, which can get damaged and cause frizz. With less friction, your natural hair is more likely to remain smoother and silkier, even after a night of rest.

Beyond its hair benefits, the satin pillowcase also offers skin advantages. Its gentle surface minimizes friction on the face, reducing the risk of wrinkles and promoting better skin health.

By incorporating a satin pillowcase into your nighttime routine, you're not only investing in the health and beauty of your natural hair but also enhancing the overall well-being of your skin. It's a small yet powerful change that can make a significant difference, leaving you with healthier, happier hair and skin every morning.




Product Description:

Name------Satin pillowcase

Material ------ Natural mulberry silk.

Color ------ as shown in the figure (Note: Due to different lighting conditions, monitors, and material batches, there may be some color differences, please understand!)


(Note: The data is manual measurement, there may be a little error, please understand!)

Performance-----comfortable, breathable, antibacterial

Style-----simple style.

Applicable season-----spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Washing method ------ hand wash/machine wash.


Silk maintenance instructions

1---Choose neutral detergent without bleaching agents agent for gentle decontamination.

2---Wash with warm or cold water at about 20 degrees Celsius, first dissolve the detergent in clean water, and wash in a gentle way.

3---Dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place, and be careful not to expose it to the sun.

4---Please spread the silk pillowcase completely and hang it on the hanger, and place it in a dark and cool place to dry.





    Satin Pillowcase
    Satin pillowcases
    Satin Pillowcase
    Satin Pillowcase
    Satin Pillowcase
    Satin Pillowcase
    Satin Pillowcase
    Satin Pillowcase

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